Where does a person ‘start’ a blog?? Hmm.

I’ve never read a bunch of blogs, and am completely unaware of what I am doing. I think I just really meant to read the wondrous workings of Jenny Lawson’s unique, yet, completely relatable mind. Blame my dear friend who gave me her latest release, ‘You Are Here,’ as a gift. Here I am a week later, I own the other 2 books she wrote, though I am still working through the first, ‘Let’s Pretend This Never Happened,’ validly worried that my fragile boyfriend will soon commit me behind my back if I keep reading her book while he is home. No one should laugh this much without some sort of noise to blame it on-like TV, or..some..thing, right?! Send me prayers, wish me luck, I am not picky. I just would like to finish her books because I don’t think any book has ever made me laugh so hard-and yes, I have read books by supposed comedians. Tim Allen is hilarious, but his book left me with the priceless(no literally, we will never benefit from this, but…) knowledge that his actual last name is Dick-and he claims to truly have an uncle named Harold(you do the math-at least until I am a bit more comfortable in my writings, please??). Have I written 3 sentences and used 225 words?! Wow, my English teachers would likely shed tears right now. I apologize; I promise I will try to get the hang of this-and also remind myself of a few grammatical glitches in my writing. As for my neurotic writing, well, I am Bi-Polar Type II, and have Borderline Personality Disorder; anxiety is a daily battle that is not even named in my assessment, but yeah, believe me it is.my constant companion. In other words, I really wish I could help that but…so far I have coping techniques, not cures. If this writing turns out to be a valuable outlet I may continue. Or, I may curl up in a ball and not remember to check this for a month. This is not my plan, but sometimes things don’t go the way we plan.

So um, hello? My name is Kim, I have used my basic e-mail address since 1998 and it is clear when I lose my password for long enough, as my valid addresses start-I will just say they start malfunctioning-for pretty valid reasons. I used to be much more of a people person but have really just become a hermit who chooses to keep a small little circle of people close over a huge group of strangers-IRL, that is. Online, I tend to be a bit cynical at first-but please don’t be scared-I love everyone! I just think it would not kill us to be just be decent, folks! That is pretty much my guideline-be decent, please. I feel all should be welcome until they cross certain ethical lines, and even then I think just about everyone deserves to speak about the circumstances. Except children: please, I cannot express this enough, please be wary of everything we say, as I remember doing a whole lot of things I was not ‘supposed to do,’ as a child-and we did not even have the internet and cell phones as widespread as kids have today-and I am only 40, ha! (Sorry Mom, I totally get it now.) However, my son is not on this website, because he is 16 & absolutely uninterested in his Mom and her WordPress enigma. Thankfully!

Welcome, please say hi, and let me know if you’re there-I will more likely be ‘here'(?!) if I know someone might need a few minutes of my time-I’m happy to help, when I can. Sending out love, to everyone. ❤